How to Install LED Strip Lights - Easy to Follow 5 Steps Installation Guide

LED strip Lights are great for decorating your home. Its simple and superb design can embellish the color of the home stereo space and enhance the atmosphere.

How to install LED strip lights? Watch my video or follow the 5 steps below:
1. Most strip lights come with adhesive tape, prepare a dry rag, wipe the surface you want to install.

LED Strip Light Installation Guide

2. Unroll the strip light, peel the adhesive tape and stick it on the surface. Ensure that it is firmly adhered and has no air bubbles.

3. If the strip light is too long, please cut off the excess at the cuttable mark

How to Cut LED Strip Lights

4. Link the controller to the light strip and connect the adapter.

5. Finally, connect the adapter to the mains and turn the light on
Now you can feel free to change and choose the light color atmosphere you want. If you use a remote control, don’t forget to unplug the battery insulation sheet before use.

For rough Surfaces, you may need to install mounting clips to keep the strip light stable.
For moist Environments like bathrooms, waterproof strip lights are recommended.