How to Install Outdoor LED Security Lights - Easy to Follow Installation Guide

LED security lights are widely used for gardens, backyards, garages, parking lot lighting, and more. The article and video introduce how to install LED security lights.

Simple installation guide (Do not need to fix to wall, ground or others)
No special tools are required.
1. Turn off the main power or the power for the installation;
2. After fixing the light components, connect the wires according to the mark of the firewire, the zero wire, and the ground wire, and wrap them with waterproof tape for waterproof and insulation effects.
3. After the light wires are connected, adjust the projection angle of the light using the open end wrench.
4. After the installation, please turn the switch on and test whether the light is on. If so, the installation is complete.

Advanced installation guide
If you want to make the security light more stable, or keep it from being taken away, you can fix the lights to the wall or the ground.
Tools: open-end wrench, electric screwdriver, waterproof tape, impact drill, and hammer.
Follow step 4 of simple installation
5. Make a punch mark on the surface to be installed.
6. Select the appropriate drill bit, punch a hole with the impact drill, and knock the expansion screw into the hole first.
7. Take out the light components, align the mounting hole of the light bracket with the punched hole, fix the bracket by inserting the self-tapping screw with a power screwdriver. If the expansion bolt is used, align the bracket mounting hole with the bolt and tighten the nut with an open-end wrench.

If you buy LED security lights with motion sensor, on additional step after standard step 2:
Additional step: After the light wires are connected, adjust the lighting, time, and distance knob on the sensor head, and adjust the projection angle of the lamp through the open-end wrench.

Done. Enjoy your project.