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Orders can be placed online or via PO (Purchase Order).


Place order online


Please kindly submit your account information on page

We understand your business by information you submit. In order to get the best wholesale price and service, please kindly provide correct and enough information of your business.

Submission will be reviewed in one hour. If submission was approved, welcome email will be sent immedialy.


login Lepro

Please login on page


There are 4 methods to add items to basket.

3.1 Add items to basket on product details page

Go to product page and click Add to Basket button


3.2 Add items to basket via search

Input product SKU or name you want to buy in search box. Before you click search button, you can find search results. Click Add to Basket button on search result.


Please kindly note: only Login client can view price and place order

3.4 Add items to basket on category list page

Go to category page you are interested and click Add to Basket button.


4.1 Click checkout button on My Basket


4.2 Confirm items and price in shopping cart. If it’s correct, please click Process to Checkout button


4.3 Input billing address, shipping address, shipping method and payment method


After receiving payment, orders will be shipped in one working day.


1. Send PO

If your company use some ERP systems and can only send order by PO, please send PO to

Please provide detailed buyer information, billing address, shipping address, item SKU and quantity in PO.

2. Receive Pro Forma Invoice

After receiving PO, we will send pro forma invoice to you. Payment information is in proforma invoice

3. Make Payment

Make payment according to pro forma invoice. After receiving payment, orders will be shipped in one working day.

In order to improve order process efficiency, LE hopes our client to place order online