About LE Affiliate Programme

It's an easy and free way to make money with your own website / blog / facebook. All you need to do is place our link or banner on your site to promote LE product, and you get paid every time a visitor from your site clicks through to www.lightingever.co.uk and buys an eligible product. It´s as simple as that. The more links you add, the money you will make.

How Affiliate Program Works?

    Add LE product links
    on your website(s)
    Visitor click the links and go
    to lightingever.co.uk
    Visitor place order(s)
    Get your commission
    on each sale

Why Choose LE?

8% commission rate on every referred sales

30 days cookie duration time

Constant promotions, deals and holiday sales

High converting banners, text links and product data

Timely payouts, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Affiliate focused newsletters and commission incentive plans

Exclusive bonus for large order or excellent agents

How to Join Us?

Sign up the CJ Affiliate Networks - It is FREE! Simply click on the link to join: https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher/?cid=4898292
If you are already working with CJ.com, please search Lighting EVER and join us (CID 4898292) as one of your merchants. We can’t wait to work with you!

We look forward to welcoming you on board. We will approve your application within 48 hours. Once you are approved you can immediately upload links and start earning money straight away! If you have any problems, you can contact us at business@lightingever.com